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Hot runner mold industry, industrial structure analysis
Date:2015/7/17 10:59:23

Our country has always been mold manufacturing power, our share of world exports die first. Hot runner mold is an important basis for the equipment manufacturing industry, it is "unparalleled efficiency amplifiers." No high-level hot runner mold, there is no high level of industrial products, so hot runner mold technology has become the measure of a country's manufacturing level of an important symbol.


According to the current development situation at home and abroad, now it has to be the "size effect" refers to the time on the agenda. The international community has been a lot of production value of over 100 million US dollars of hot runner mold companies, the largest hot runner mold has developed into a multinational enterprise group, its annual production value of up to $ 4 billion (including hot runner mold and hot runner mold-related products). China already has a group of more than 100 million yuan in output value of enterprises. These enterprises to promote the development of hot runner mold industry has a pivotal role. Should focus on development priorities in national support, we have a choice to focus on training "during" a number of "leader." We hope that this will be included in the national plan in a small amount of hot runner molds key projects, a national special and preferential policies imposed.
  Learn from the Japanese proposal to develop the last century, sixties and seventies several Promotion Act (stimulus measures) and implementation experience in, in view of the need to revitalize the hot runner mold and other industries, the development of our laws and regulations. With the newly enacted laws and regulations, to take government intervention and economic support policies, the introduction of appropriate policy measures to legislation in the financial, taxation, technological, etc. to support.


Given the high added value products hot runner mold, hot runner mold corporation tax burden than the average industrial machinery 1 times higher in other industries, it is recommended to reduce the VAT burden runner mold enterprise, or continued refunded Policy or to reduce the VAT rate, for example, reduced to 5% from 17% to 10%.

  To encourage investment in the development of hot runner mold. Such as hot runner mold plant construction investment funds can be offset corporate income tax; hot runner mold enterprises to introduce raw materials and spare parts required for the production of key equipment and hot runner mold to reduce or remit import duties to encourage the introduction of high technology and its products, and the like.

  Currently hot runner mold industry, irrational industrial structure. Mainly in terms of organizational structure, product mix, technological structure, import and export structure. "Eleventh Five-Year" period should be under the guidance of the policy to take active measures to adjust, so that gradually rationalized. Such as encouraging specialization, commercial production, to encourage large-scale, sophisticated, complex, long-life hot runner mold and hot runner mold standard parts production, encourage the separation of major hot runner mold from the subsidiary to independence.



During the "Eleventh Five-Year", on the one hand to support and encourage qualified local construction with a higher level and a greater ability to gather base runner mold (or call the city hot runner mold, hot runner mold park), through market operation, and gradually form a more complete regional hot runner mold production chain.

   On the other hand recommended that car cover hot runner mold as the main target, through positive guidance, the formation of the current strength and a higher level of large enterprises leading regional automotive hot runner mold manufacturing network. Network is a consortium, or called strategic alliances, a common technology platform, have close cooperative relations, according to Virtual Enterprise, is a community of interests. If successful, the period from 2010 to 2020 can be gradually extended in the industry.